Thinking retrospectively about times before, the British jewellery label combines former design aesthetics with modern finishes to create stylish and unique pieces. The label takes its inspiration predominantly from architecture and shapes found within the collections chosen concept. Focusing on turning three dimensional elements into two dimensional drawings, which later become wearable. Seeing beauty in the past and wanting to reinvent forgotten ideas, the jewellery label puts a contemporary spin on their designs thought up in retrospect.

 The pieces are flat in perspective as if they were wearable drawings. This is a typical stamp from Retrospective Jewellery and enables the wearer to adorn themselves in removable tattoos. The designs are simple but strong and always in one colour metal. This allows the designs to stand out for what they are and makes them versatile for many occasions. The jewellery is worn worldwide and the label has been featured in publications such as Elle magazine, The Sunday Times and shown at Paris Fashion Week.