She was told she could draw so she drew.
British Designer Danielle Underwood is the creator of Retrospective Jewellery. Danielle graduated from The Sir John Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design in 2010 with a Degree in Jewellery Design. She worked as a designer for various companies until deciding in 2015 to branch out on her own.
Danielle draws inspiration retrospectively hence the brand name Retrospective Jewellery. She favours the decorative geometric shapes of the Art Deco movement and tends to design collections inspired by modern and contemporary history. Most recently branching out with Russian influences, Danielle has plans to design collections from every continent.
The importance of making the right collection choice is crucial per season and per story. Danielle researches and forecasts upcoming trends and then guides her ideas and designs to correspond. Deciding which collections should be made in which mediums is often obvious to Danielle. This gets decided at the point of researching.
Danielle’s studio is based in the beautiful town of Old Amersham where she is constantly kept inspired. All design work takes place in house by Danielle alongside the production of her costume jewellery ranges. The Sterling Silver ranges are produced by a wonderful company in Hong Kong who Danielle visits twice a year to talk through collections and new designs.
Danielle is committed to offering clients the highest level of customer service, and directly builds important relationships and listens to the clients’ needs. Each order is considerably checked and is only shipped out when the jewellery passes the thorough production checks.